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Frequently Ask Questions about cars Rental Cuba.
Where I can rent a cheap car in Havana Cuba ?
You can rent a cheap car in Havana, Cuba with us, Check this page
Cheap Rent a car in Cuba
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In what condition are the streets in Cuba?
In the main cities, the conditions of the streets are good. They are well signalled and relatively free of traffic. None of the main cities of Cuba suffer traffic jams, therefore moving around the city is rather easy. However the main freeways have 4 lanes, but on the roads you can find pedestrians, cycles, motorcycles, trucks etc.
This limits the speed and it requires the driver to be alert at all times.
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Do I need an international driving licence to drive in Cuba?
No. Cuba accepts the local permits of any country.
The signalling of the traffic is in the international system. The steering wheel is on the right, thus the streets are signalled adequately.
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Fines / Tickets and the local police in Cuba.
As in most countries, Cuba is very severe with the excess of speed, driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance, irresponsible driving and the undermining of traffic signs.
If you are fined, the ticket is included in a special area of the rent contract and it is paid to the rent agency when giving the vehicle. There is a special traffic law for 5th Avenue in Havana that prohibits the stop in that road, to turn in between the central separators or to drive very slowly.
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Is it difficult to find fuel in Cuba? How much does it cost?
In the main cities, to refuel is an easy thing. If you plan to travel to the country, you are almost forced to fill the tank in the city before leaving because in the freeways there are few service stations and it could be short of fuel.
The gasoline costs 1.10 CUC per litre (1.188 USD)
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Are there in Cuba automatic and mechanical cars?
There are both types. The general rule is that the small cars are manual while the biggest and luxurious cars are automatic. If you require an automatic car, it is advisable that you reserve in advance.
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Do I need a rental car in Havana?
Most travellers prefer to travel independent and in their own cars. Havana is the destination of the vacations. The city is big and it covers more than 70 Km. and most of the people consider that to move with your own means is the best option. In this place you will find the ideal vehicle for your stay.
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How is the traffic in Cuba?
In Cuba, the cars are driven on the right side of the highway and excepting the big cities, the traffic is slow.
At night you should drive with more care. The inadequate or little illumination can be very dangerous.
In the whole country you have to pay attention to the cyclists and animals.
The traffic signs in Cuba obey with the international norms.
Speeds more than 100 Km. /h are not often allowed in the Cuban streets.
Have present that some less important roads are under worse conditions that the main streets.
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Donde rentar un auto en Cuba?
Con cochecubacars.com usted encontrara su coche listo al llegar a Cuba, autos mecanicos o automaticos, de diferentes modelos y marcas, con compañias como CUBACAR, REX o Havanautos y ahorrara tiempo y dinero.
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How much to rent a car in Cuba?
You want to know how car rental in Cuba cost?

The cost of renting a car in Cuba depends on the season, type of car, economic cars, medium size, medium high, luxury, van, jeeps, etc. and also depends on the cost of insurance.
For automatic transmission usually should add 5.00cuc per day.

Besides that, when you pick up the car here in Cuba, you must pay for gas, the guarantee deposit, the pick up at the airport, additional driver and drop off if needed.

If you have any doubt, please, contact us.
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December 1, 2022

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