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KIAKIA Optima Medium High
KIA Optima Medium High Category: Cuba Medium High Car
Seating capacity: 5 people
Doors: 4

Daily insurance: CUC 20
Deductible: CUC 500
Refundable deposit: CUC 250
Car Description
Rent Medium High cars in Cuba with manual transmission and air-conditioning.
CUBACAR rental Agency.
Cochecubacars.com confirms only car categories and not models. We try to satisfy your model requests, but the confirmation you receive stands only for the car category.
  • CD Audio System
  • Air Conditioning
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    There are no prices defined for this car on those dates. If anyway you want to request this car for rent please, contact CocheCubaCars.
    Price for seasons
    Rental days Season KM Limitado Price (USD)
    From 3 to 6 daysLowNoUSD 0
    From 3 to 6 daysHighNoUSD 0
    From 3 to 6 daysPeakNoUSD 0
    From 7 to 13 daysLowNoUSD 0
    From 7 to 13 daysHighNoUSD 0
    From 7 to 13 daysPeakNoUSD 0
    From 14 to 29 daysLowNoUSD 0
    From 14 to 29 daysHighNoUSD 0
    From 14 to 29 daysPeakNoUSD 0
    Season Start End
    Rental cars Cuba airport: For pick-up in international airports clients must pay a plus of 20 CUC at rental start.

    Insurance information
  • Cochecubacars only confirm car category, not model.
  • No car will be rented without the payment of insurance.
  • This site prices DO NOT INCLUDE insurance, it must be paid in cash (CUC) at rental start.
  • The insurance options offered by some banks and credit cards are not valid in Cuba and will not be accepted.
  • If you are liable of car damage you will pay up to the amount defined as Deductible for each category. The rest will be paid by the insurance.
  • If you are not liable the insurance will cover all.
  • REX categories have different conditions. Please, contact us for details.
    We reserve the right however to lower or raise our prices at any time before the booking is confirmed.
    May 24, 2016

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